Aircon India incorporated,Kolkata,India

Challenge: In addition to non-availability of information and consequent waste of time in compiling MIS reports the biggest problem that the company was facing pertained to omissions in proper client management.

Solution: All MIS and prospect reports are generated at the press of an icon saving considerable time for both sales executive and management.


In2cable (India) Limted (Hinduja TMT)

Challenge: The main area of concern was the inadequate control and coordination of a dispersed sales team resulting in omissions and delays in customer response.

Solution: eSalesEdge- Silver was deployed to provide a fully automated work flow across the entire sales team and timely response to customers. Higher sales and analytical MIS are the essential by-products.

VP International

Challenge: At first the website was static, for which the company was facing a lot of problems in updating their website.

Solution: We have made it dynamic.

Panbross Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Challenge: The company was facing a number of problems in monitoring and controlling MR activity as well as managing relationships with doctors.

Solution: Our web based field force management system, Fieldforce Online was deployed at Panbross.

Technologies We Use


Windows 9x / 2000 / NT / Linux

Web development:–

Java applets, Servlets, J2EE, JSP, Swing, ASP, ASP.Net, XML, Enterprise JavaBeans, VB, VB.Net

Client-Server GUI:–

PowerBuilder / VB




MS SQL Server 6.5 / 7.0/2000, Oracle, MSAccess, MySQL


Adobe Photoshop, Flash and Shock Wave

OffShore Development

The advantages of outsourcing software development for Offshore Development in India are well recognized by the global community. Today, a large proportion of the Fortune 500 companies are getting the systems and technologies developed either directly or indirectly by Indians. MindEdge Solutions builds upon the Indian Advantage with an excellent combination of technical skills, management expertise, infrastructure and seamless processes to offer effective and economical solutions to international clients.

The MindEdge Offshore Advantage

Highly Skilled Development Team

MindEdge has in place a highly talented team of young professionals who are capable of meeting the toughest deadlines. Technical skills coupled with high motivation ensure that the client can rest assured about the quality of development and delivery schedule.

International Experience

The key management team at MindEdge has considerable international work experience. We understand what the international client expects from an offshore partner in terms of quality, delivery and service and are well geared to satisfy them on all parameters.

Business Expertise

We are not only very good at coding and development but also equally adept at understanding the client’s requirements. The cross-functional experience of the senior management provides an EDGE in quickly gauging the needs of the client and also making valuable recommendations to them. The client need not worry that he will have to waste valuable hours in trying to explain the business logic to the ‘Techies’. Our ‘Techies’ are well guided by professionals who understand your language

Requisite Infrastructure and Process

Our development center at Kolkata is well equipped with the requisite tools to be able to deliver to international clients. We are constantly in touch with our clients though email, instant messaging and phone to keep them abreast on progress and take timely approvals to time and cost overruns. Though we have not yet applied any quality certifications, we try to adhere to the international best practices as required by CMM and ISO. We plan to initiate the ISO certification process soon.

Low Rates

Last but not the least is our ability to offer the most competitive rates to international clients. The rates are all the more attractive when compared to other similar companies in India or elsewhere because we bundle a lot more than cheap man power as explained above. Rates would, of course, vary across technologies and projects but the international client should rest assured that he is getting much more than his money’s worth from MindEdge. Please send us your RFP and allow us an opportunity to prove our claims.

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WAP/ GPRS Application

We live in an era of highly demanding customers and ever increasing competition. Businesses are compelled to remain on their toes, literally, in order to offer timely and appropriate response to customer requirements and market challenges. Thankfully, technology has kept pace with these developments and proliferation of mobile connectivity infrastructure is following a geometric progression. Mobile phones have become a must have for almost every employee of an organization. The challenge lies in making existing application compatible for access through the mobile phone and also developing new applications that give real time information to the executives, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders on the move. MindEdge Solutions is at the very crest of this mobile wave.

We offer a range of mobile (WAP/GPRS) compatible solution offerings

WAP enabled Websites

Website, the way we see them on the internet browser, cannot be readily viewed through a WAP/GPRS enabled mobile phone. Both the design and the code have to be suitably altered to enable meaningful mobile access. We work on both existing websites as well as develop new ones that allow the visitor to view the entire website content. Care also need to be taken to ensure smooth navigation of the links. We ensure that the only difference between viewing the website on the internet and a mobile phone is the size of the screen and the consequent adjustment of flow.

WAP enabled Application

The true utility of a WAP lies in enabling employees and customers to interact with the business using their mobile phones. We develop fully WAP enables web applications that help businesses achieve the same. The application complexity could range from simple data access models to comprehensive data retrieval and entry solutions. Our Sales Force Automation, eSalesEdge- Platinum, allows full data access and entry for the mobile sales executives.